Lakshya LDC Answer Key 19 August 2018 and (RSMSSB LDC) Question Paper PDF

Lakshya LDC Answer Key 19 August 2018 and Question Paper PDF

Rajasthan LDC Answer Key 19/08/2018 Morning Shift and Question Paper PDF Download

Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Service Selection Board ((RSMSSB) has fortunately completed written exam of LDC on 19/08/2018. A Large number of LDC Job applicants have appeared in the exam, now they all are waiting for LDC solved question paper to predict the score of marks. Here i am sharing Rajasthan LDC Answer Key and Question paper in PDF format. Also check other details of LDC Answer Key 2018 like Cut Off Marks, Results.

LAKSHYA LDC Answer Key 2018

Rajasthan LDC Answer Key Paper and Question Paper 19.08.2018 by Lakshya

  1. Which of the Following is a System Software?
  2. Indian’s first public internet service provider?
  3. used in physical layer of OSI model?
  4. Which Indian scientist was inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame?
  5. What is the name of commercial wing of ISRO?
  6. an open audio compression format?
  7. MpdDotNet GIS software product works on..... Operating System?
  8. Scatsat-1 is a satellite for?
  9. Electromotive force of a cell is?
  10. The quantity of charge that will be transformed by a current of 10 A flowing over 1 hour, is?
  11. A fuse wire for household electric connections supplying electricity upto 15 A maximum is made of?
  12. How many electrons are there in one Coulomb of charge?
  13. An opaque membrane is formed on the eye-lens which adversely affects the vision. This eye defect is known as?
  14. Which of the following can form a virtual image, which is always smaller than the object?
  15. Which of the following rules is used to determine the direction of induced current in a generator?
  16. Which of the following phenomena makes use of electromagnetic induction?
  17. Unit of resistivity is?
  18. The splitting of light into its component colors is called as?
  19. Which of the following properties of light is used in making a periscope?
  20. Which of the following is not a gaseous type cycle?
  21. Emasculation is achieved by?
  22. Which of the following microorganisms yields restriction enzyme?
  23. Mendel had also worked on one more plant other than pea. That was?
  24. Which of the following Rice variety is a popular biopatent?
  25. Which disease is caused by deficiency of vitamin C?
  26. Chromosomes network cannot be stained by?
  27. Producing new crop varieties where two or more plants of unlike genetic constitution are crossed called as?
  28. Vermicompost is considered to be the best eco-friendly manure obtained from?
  29. Which blood group is called universal donor?
  30. Approximately how much energy is transformed from one trophic level to another in an ecosystem?
  31. Ammonifying bacteria convert?
  32. How long biological patent remain effective in India?
  33. Sudden heritable changes in an organism is called as?
  34. The saponification a fat or Oil is done using.... solution for hot process?
  35. Producer gas is a mixture of the following?
  36. Water gas is a mixture of?
  37. Freon group of refrigerants are ?
  38. Which of the following oxides is formed when potassium metal is burnt in the excess air?
  39. The structure of ‘Xef4’ is?
  40. The PLSV rocket uses?
  41. Which polymers occur naturally?
  42. Which one of the following ia an example of Heterogeneous catalysis?
  43. Which of the following reactions is not redox?
  44. Brown color of apple after cutting is due to?
  45. Seetamata Sanctuary in Rajasthan is famous for?
  46. According to the forest policy, how much percentage of area should come under forest?
  47. The ‘doab plain’ of Ghaggar in Hanumangarh and Sriganaganagar districts of Rajasthan is formed by which of the two rivers deposition?
  48. Which one of the following district in Rajasthan stands first in terms of dairy milk collection?
  49. Which one of the following grass is best fodder for dairy cattle in Western Rajasthan?
  50. Maximum areas of soil erosion in Rajasthan is found at?
  51. In which of the following district of Rajasthan the “Anas dam” project will be?
  52. “Operation Swarn” which was announced in December, 2017 is related to which of the following sectors?
  53. Umar Farooq Mewati of Rajasthan was associated with which sector?
  54. “Sculpture Park” is situated in which of the following Places in Rajasthan?
  55. Name “Deepak Chahar” is related to which of the following sport?
  56. Polavaram Dam is situated in which of the following States of India?
  57. ‘Surya-Kiran’ is army exercise of Indian Army with which of the following country?
  58. In Rajasthan, which of the following is the most recent phase of ‘Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan”?
  59. Who was the Governor of Karnataka during Karnataka assembly elections 2018?
  60. What was the period of Eleventh Five Year-Plan of India?
  61. National Policy on Biofuel is related to which of the following chemical?
  62. Chandrabhaga Beach is located in which state of India?
  63. Who is the writer of book-“Judicial Reforms: Recent Global Trends”?
  64. Pradanmantri Vay Vandan Yojana was started in which of the following year?
  65. “Heritage week 2017” was organized in which of the following city of Rajasthan?
  66. In which district of Rajasthan cutting and polishing units of granite are found?
  67. In which district of Rajasthan is the Khushkhera Industrial Area Located?
  68. Which of the following power projects of Rajasthan is under state’s shared ownership?
  69. In which industry of Rajasthan sodium sulfide is used as raw material?
  70. Aravalli Afforestation Project (AAP) was started in?
  71. Which is the amount of award for the state Award winner of handicraft/art awarded by Govt of Rajasthan?
  72. “Aapni Yojana Aapno Vikas” is?
  73. What is a main source of energy in Rajasthan?
  74. According to the recommendations of Fifth State Finance Commission of Rajasthan...percent of total States net own tax revenue has to be released to rural and urban local bodies?
  75. The joint multi-purpose river valley project of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan is ?
  76. Which scheme provides multi brand quality consumer goods of the consumers of rural areas in Rajasthan?
  77. As per the report of Forest Survey of India, Rajasthan registered an increase of forest cover during biennial assessment period between 2013-15?
  78. What is the share of Government of India and Government of Rajasthan in the funding pattern ratio of National Food Security Mission since 2015-16?
  79. The largest producers of mustard in Rajasthan are?
  80. Which one of the following dance is performed by women?
  81. Who is the founder of the Bishnoi sect?
  82. Who among the following provided leadership to the Bhil Movement in Dungarpur and Banswara?
  83. In whose memory is the Tilwara cattle fair held?
  84. “Paryushan Parv” is related to which religion?
  85. Which of the following test wasn’t composed by Kumbha?
  86. Where is the Banganga Ka Mela held?
  87. Which one of the following test gives information about the struggle between the ruler of Jalore and Alauddin Khilji?
  88. Who was the founder of “Harauti Seva Sangh”
  89. On whose proposal was “Matsya Sangh” given its name?
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