Important Days Multiple Choice Questions (General Awareness 2022)

Important Days Multiple Choice Questions (General Awareness 2022) Important Days Objective Questions (General Awareness 2022)

Important Days Multiple Choice Questions  (General Awareness 2022)

Here I am sharing Important Days GK Bits for all competitive exams.
Important Days Multiple Choice Questions  (General Awareness 2022)

1. When is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation observed?

(A) January 31

(B) February 1

(C) February 6

(D) February 28

Answer: C

2. “Fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and society” is the theme of which special day, celebrated on February 21?

(A) International Languages Day

(B) International Press Day

(C) International Mother Language Day

(D) International Day of Literature

Answer: C

4. The Third Jan Aushadhi Diwas celebrations started on which day?

(A) March 1, 2021

(B) February 28, 2021

(C) February 27, 2021

(D) February 26, 2021

Answer: A

5. What is the theme of World Hearing Day 2021?

(A) Hearing care for All

(B) Save Hearing

(C) Care for hearing

(D) Hearing care

Answer: A

6. When is the World Sparrow Day celebrated every year?

(A) March 20

(B) March 25

(C) March 30

(D) March 31

Answer: A

7. Which day is celebrated by the UN this year on March 21, with the theme “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being”?

(A) International Day of Insects

(B) International Day of Species

(C) International Day of Forests

(D) International Day of Trees

Answer: C

8. What is the theme of the ‘World Development Report’ 2021?

(A) Data for better lives

(B) Development after Covid

(C) Self-Reliant countries

(D) Replacement of Jobs

Answer: A

9. When was the 2021 International Girls in ICT Day observed by ITU?

(A) April 10

(B) April 15

(C) April 22

(D) April 30

Answer: C

10. World Tuna Day is observed on May 2 every year. Which SDG calls for sustainable use of oceans and marine resources?

(A) SDG 7

(B) SDG 9

(C) SDG 11

(D) SDG 14

Answer: D

12. On which date, UN observes International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day?

(A) April 20

(B) April 26

(C) April 30

(D) May 1

Answer: B

14. When is the World Migratory Bird Day observed every year?

(A) Last Sunday in April and September

(B) May 10

(C) Second Saturday in May and October

(D) May 15

Answer: C

15. The anniversary of the first successful operation of Laser in 1960 by Theodore Maiman is observed as which international day?

(A) International Laser Day

(B) International Light Day

(C) International Physics Day

(D) International Engineering Day

Answer: B

16. What is the theme of the International Day for Biological Diversity 2021?

(A) We’re part of the solution

(B) Conservation First

(C) Conserving amidst Covid

(D) Pandemic Management

Answer: A

17. What is the name of the child-birth injury, which is being observed as an International day on May 23?

(A) Obstetric fistula

(B) Intrauterine hypoxia

(C) Meconium aspiration syndrome

(D) Placenta previa

Answer: A

18. When is the “World No Tobacco Day” observed by WHO every year?

(A) May 31

(B) June 1

(C) June 10

(D) June 20

Answer: A

19.‘Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow’ is the theme of which day observed on June 7?

(A) World Food Security Day

(B) World Food Safety Day

(C) World Food Day

(D) World Nutrition Day

Answer: B

20. As of 2021, which is the world’s largest political party?

(A) Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

(B) Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)

(C) Democratic Party (United States)

(D) United Socialist Party of Venezuela

Answer: B

21. When is the National Doctor’s Day observed every year in India?

(A) July 1

(B) July 5

(C) July 10

(D) July 15

Answer: A

22. When is World Malala Day celebrated every year?

(A) July 4

(B) July 8

(C) July 12

(D) July 16

Answer: C

23. Which country’s National Plastic Surgery Day is celebrated as World Plastic Surgery Day?

(A) Japan

(B) India

(C) Thailand

(D) Singapore

Answer: B

24. Operation Vijay was a Major Defence operation conducted by India against which nation?

(A) China

(B) Tibet

(C) Pakistan

(D) Bangladesh

Answer: C

25. On which date, “Muslim Women Rights Day” was observed in India for the first time?

(A) August 12

(B) July 30

(C) August 1

(D) July 26

Answer: C

26. Which date in August is celebrated as World Biofuel Day?

(A) 10th August

(B) 8th August

(C) 9th August

(D) 11th August

Answer: A

27. Which date of August has been declared as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day?

(A) August 13

(B) August 12

(C) August 16

(D) August 14

Answer: D

28. When is the ‘International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances’ observed?

(A) August 30

(B) September 1

(C) September 2

(D) September 4

Answer: A

29. When was the first “International Day for People of African Descent” celebrated by the UN?

(A) August 25, 2021

(B) August 30, 2021

(C) August 31, 2021

(D) September 1, 2021

Answer: C

30. The UN International Day of Charity on 5th September, is observed to commemorate the death anniversary of which leader?

(A) Swami Vivekananda

(B) Mother Teresa

(C) Mahatma Gandhi

(D) Chhatrapati Shivaji

Answer: B

31. When is the ‘World Animal Day’ observed every year?

(A) October 3

(B) October 4

(C) October 5

(D) October 6

Answer: B

32. What is the theme of the ‘World Space Week 2021’?

(A) Sustainable Space

(B) Space without Debris

(C) Women in Space

(D) AI and Space

Answer: C

33. When is the ‘Indian Air Force Day’ celebrated every year?

(A) October 2

(B) October 4

(C) October 5

(D) October 8

Answer: D

34. With regard to the Indian Civil Services, 9th October is celebrated as?

(A) Indian Police Services Day

(B) Indian Administrative Services Day

(C) Indian Foreign Services Day

(D) Indian Revenue Services Day

Answer: C

35. Which country celebrates ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’, in the month of October?

(A) China


(C) Greece

(D) Israel

Answer: B

36. ‘Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow’ is the theme of which international observance on October 16?

(A) World Food Day

(B) World Farmers Day

(C) World Agriculture Day

(D) World Health and Hygiene Day

Answer: A

37. When is the ‘Police Commemoration Day’ observed every year in India?

(A) October 21

(B) October 23

(C) October 24

(D) October 26

Answer: A

38. What is the theme of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (WDAH)?

(A) Your Window to the World

(B) Universe Understands

(C) Leaving no one behind

(D) Inclusive and Sustainable Presentation

Answer: A

39. When is the “International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists” observed every year by the UN?

(A) November 1

(B) November 2

(C) November 10

(D) November 12

Answer: B

40. Who was the inaugural winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics?

(A) Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

(B) Marie Curie

(C) J J Thomson

(D) Guglielmo Marconi 

Answer: A

41. When is the ‘Armed Forces Flag Day’ observed every year?

(A) December 5

(B) December 7

(C) December 9

(D) December 10

Answer: B

42. Which UN Body organises the “International Anti-Corruption Day”?





Answer: B

43. Which language Day is observed on 18 December?

(A) French

(B) Greek

(C) Arabic

(D) Urdu

Answer: C

44. Goa Liberation Day is observed every year to mark the success of the Indian Armed Force’s which operation?

(A) Operation Vijay

(B) Operation Blackthunder

(C) Operation Tornado

(D) Operation Hamla

Answer: A

45. When is the ‘National Consumer Rights Day’ observed across India?

(A) December 20

(B) December 22

(C) December 24

(D) December 25

Answer: C

46. When is the ‘World Braille Day’ observed every year?

(A) January 1

(B) January 2

(C) January 4

(D) January 6

Answer: C

47.‘Integrated Approach in S&T for Sustainable Future’ has been declared as the theme of which special day?

(A) World Science and Technology Day

(B) National Science Day

(C) World Research and Development Day

(D) National Innovation Day

Answer: B

48. When is the ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas’ observed in India?

(A) January 1

(B) January 9

(C) January 14

(D) January 21

Answer: B

49. Which state celebrates Subash Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary ‘Desh Nayak Diwas’?

(A) West Bengal

(B) Punjab

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Madhya Pradesh

Answer: A

50.“United for Dignity” Campaign honors the dignity of people who have experienced which disease?


(B) Leprosy

(C) Cancer

(D) Tuberculosis

Answer: B

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