OSSSC Group C 2021 Combined Exam Answer key with Questions (Exam Held on 30/01/2022)

OSSSC Group C 2021 Combined Exam Answer key with Questions (Exam Held on 30/01/2022), 44. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in India?

OSSSC Group C 2021 Combined Exam Answer key with Questions (Exam Held on 30/01/2022) - Forest Guard, Statistical Field Surveyor, Amin

OSSSC Group C 2021 Combined Exam Answer key with Questions (Exam Held on 30/01/2022)

43. The state having the shortest coastline in India is :

(A) Kerala

(C) West Bengal

(B) Odisha

(D) Goa

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44. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in India?

(A) Defence Minister

(C) Vice President

(B) President

(D) General of Army

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45. Which one of the following jurisdiction of the Indian judiciary covers Public Interest Litigation (PIL)?

(A) Original jurisdiction

(C) Epistolary jurisdiction

(B) Advisory jurisdiction

(D) Appellate jurisdiction

46. Who is the present Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) ?

(A) Gro Harlem Brundtland

(C) Anders Nordstrom

(B) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

(D) Lee Jong Wook

(47. Which of the following taxes is levied by the Union and collected and appropriated by the states?

(A) Passenger and goods taxes

(C) Taxes of newspapers

(B) Estate duties

(D) Stamp duties

48. Which of the following Financial Institutions is the source of credit for small industries?





49. The Indian Railways has launched an App to help the passengers. What is the name of the App?

(A) Rail Seva

(C) Rail Madad

(B) Rail Sarai

(D) Rail Sahay

50. The world famous Navakalevar of the deities in Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri takes place in which year ?

(A) Two consecutive Odia month of Bhadraba

(B) Two consecutive Odia month of Aswina

(C) Two consecutive Odia month of Ashadha

(D) Two consecutive Odia month of Kartika

51. Who is the first Non-lndian to receive the Bharat Ratna?

(A) Nelson Mandela

(C) Amart a Sen

(B) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

(D) Mother Teresa

52. Which country was the champion of Men's FIH Hockey Junior World Cup-2021 ?

(A) German

(B) Argentina

(C) India

(D) France

53. For which book Dr. Prativa Ray got Moortidevi Award ?

(A) Yajnaseni

(C) Chandrabhaga O Chandrakala

(B) Punyatoya

(D) Shilapadma

54. Name the India's first multipurpose Satellite ?





55. The source of energy of the sun is due to

(A) Nuclear Fission

(C) Chemical Reactions

(B) Collison of Atoms

(D) Nuclear Fusion

56. Decimal system in India was introduced by :

(A) Brahmagupta

(C) Medhatithi

(B) Bhaskara

(D) Aryabhatta

57. Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately by special majority ?

(A) Money Bill

(C) Constitutional Amendment Bill

(B) Finance Bill

(D) Ordinary Bill

58. Which one of the major rivers of Odisha does not have delta at its mouth ?

(A) The Brahmani

(C) The Baitarani

(B) The Rushikulya

(D) The Mahanadi

59. Who is the present Chief Executive Officer of 'Twitter' ?

(A) Anshu Jain

(C) Ajaypal Singh Banga

(B) Parag Agrawal

(D) Satya Nadella

60. Among the following which Odia movies jointly won the National Award in the 67th National Film Awards?

(A) Kalira Atita & Sala Budhar Badla

(B) Kalira Atita & Sri khetra Sahi Jata

(C) Sala Budhar Badla & Aadim Vichar

(D) Sala budhar badla & Sri khetra Sahi Jata

61. Which city Government has become the world's first government to turn completely paperless ?

(D) Moscow

(C) Beizing

(A) New York

(B) Dubai

62. The Amazone Reef is located in which Ocean?

(A) Indian Ocean

(C) Arctic Ocean

(B) Atlantic Ocean

(D) Pacific Ocean

63. The national initiative named 'Kayakalp' was launched by which ministry?

(A) Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

(B) Ministry of Women and Child Development

(C) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

(D) Ministry of Science and Technology

64. Which of the following categories of the images of Lord Ganesh is/are found in the temple of Odisha?

(A) Sthanaka Ganesh

(C) Asina Ganesh

(B) Nrutya Ganesh

(D) All of the above

65. Who among the following became the first Martyr (Saheed) of Odisha during British regime ?

(A) Jayee Rajguru

(C) Raghunath Mohanty

(B) Laxman Naik

(D) Veer Surendra Sai

66. 'Rengali dam' is built over which of the following rivers ?

(A) The Mahanadi

(C) The Rushikulya

(B) The Baitarani

(D) The Brahmani

67. Originating from Chhotanagpur plateau, the river Brahmani enters Odisha in which district?

(A) Sambal ur

(B) Sundargarh

(C) Bargarh

(D) Keonjhar

68. Which of the following sanctuaries in Odisha is. also known as 'Turtles'paradise' ?

(A) Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary

(C) Gahiramatha Wildlife Sanctuary

(B) Baisipali-Wildlife Sanctuary

(D) Bhitarakanika Wildlife Sanctuary

69. The place 'Inchudi' in Balasore district is famous for which of the following ?

(A) Salt Satyagrah

(B) Gandhiji?s first arrival in Odisha

(C) Scenic beaut

(D) Massacre during freedom struggle

70. Which of the following statesmen is associated with Bhadrak district ?

(A) Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab

(C) Nabakrushna Choudhury

(B) Janaki Ballav Patnaik

(D) Biju Patnaik

71. Which of the following places is known as 'Biraja Kshetra' ?

(A) Jajpur

(B) Cuttack

(C) Bhadrak

(D) Jagatsinghpur

72. Which of the following folk dances is mostly popular in Kalahandi district ?

(C) Ghoda Nacha 

(D) Chhau

(A) Ranapa

(B) Ghumura

73. 'Huma' in Sambalpur district is' well known for which of the following?

(A) Hot spring

(C) Leaning Temple

(B) Reservoir

(D) Majestic Waterfall

75. Tides are caused by gravitational pull of the :

(A) Earth on the Sun

(C) Moon on the Earth

(B) Sun and Moon on the Earth

(D) Earth on the Moon

76. Dayananda Saraswati founded :

(A) Arya Samaj

(C) Bahujan Samaj

(B) Prathana Samaj

(D) Brahmo Samaj

77. Who among the following died in exile?

(A) Bahadur Shah Zafar

(C) Nana Saheb

(B) Tatya Tope

(D) Rani Laxmibai

78. Which tales are related with the painting and sculptures of Ajanta caves?

(A) Pentamerone Tales

(C) Hitopadesha Tales

(B) Jataka Tales

(D) Panchatantra Tales

79. Name the place located at the confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers.

(A) Rishikesh 

(B) Rudraprayag 

(C) Devprayag

(D) Badrinath

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