Architecture Engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Architecture Engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), PDF Download, architect study material, Books PDF

 Architecture Engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Architecture Engineering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

1-The defect which has been only identified after the issue of the final certificate by the architect is known as

(A) Intermittent defect

(B) Post defect

(C) Latent defect

(D) Patent defect

Ans: C

2-A number of secondary forms clustered about a dominant central form is known as ___ form.

(A) Dispersed

(B) Centralised

(C) Clustered

(D) radial

Ans: B

3-A method of representing a solid model as a set of interrelated equations defining its shape and dimensions is called


(B) Constructive Geometry

(C) Solid geometry

(D) Variational Geometry

Ans: D

4-The traditional Japanese unit of measure is

(A) Kyo-ma

(B) Ken

(C) Shaker

(D) Shinto

Ans: C

5-___ refers to two or more entities that lie on the same plane.

(A) Datum

(B) Coordinates

(C) Biplanar

(D) Coplanar

Ans: D

6-To ensure quality work, architects will be engaged only on

(A) Selective services

(B) Comprehensive services

(C) Partial services

(D) Special services

Ans: B

7-An image plotted by lines on xy axis that is composed of dots is called

(A) Boolean

(B) Vertex

(C) Roster

(D) Vector

Ans: D

8-A modeling technique where two or more shapes (splines) are stretched and blended along a path is called as

(A) Polymodeling

(B) Lathing

(C) Lofting

(D) Booleans

Ans: C

9-Human activity of casual seeing requires ___ illumination.

(A) 100 lux

(B) 500 lux

(C) 1000 lux

(D) 5000 lux

Ans: A

10-The resulting strength and durability of concrete could be reduced when the temperature of fresh concrete exceeds

(A) 70 to 75°F

(B) 75 to 80°F

(C) 80 to 85°F

(D) 85 to 90°F

Ans: D

11-The eye responds to a range of illumination levels extending over a million orders of magnitude  

(A) 0.0001 lux to 0.1 lux

(B) 0.1 lux to 100000 lux

(C) 100000 to 200000 lux

(D) more than 200000 lux

Ans: B

12-The sum of the times the scraper requires to traverse each segment of the haul and return routes is called the

(A) haul time

(B) travel time

(C) dump time

(D) load time

Ans: B

13-It combines the heating effect of radiation incident on a building with the effect of warm air.

(A) Surface resistance

(B) Absorptivity

(C) Cavity resistance

(D) Sol-air temperature

Ans: D

14-The fill factor (in %) for front shovel buckets when loading clay or earth into excavator bucket is in the range

(A) 85 – 90

(B) 90 – 95

(C) 95 – 100

(D) 100 – 110

Ans: D

15-___ is a language and tool for assessing the spatial scale of environmental impact.

(A) Ecological Footprinting

(B) Eco balance

(C) Entropy

(D) Ecological baselining

Ans: A

16-The survey where curvature of earth can not be neglected is called ___ surveying.

(A) Geodetic

(B) Geologic

(C) Geodesic

(D) Geographic

Ans: A

17-In landform modification, areas where proposed contour are lower than existing ones are called

(A) Crop

(B) Cut

(C) Dune

(D) Dump

Ans: B

18-Which of the following is not a passive heating technique?

(A) Thermosiphon

(B) Sun space

(C) Troumbe wall

(D) Evaporative cooling

Ans: D

19-The survey concerns with the mapping of information on water is ___ survey.

(A) Hydro geographical

(B) Hydrosphere

(C) Hydrographical

(D) Hydro

Ans: C

20-CET is an thermal comfort index and is written as

(A) Common External Temperature

(B) Central External Temperature

(C) Corrected Effective Temperature

(D) Comfort Effective Temperature

Ans: C

21-___ means and includes returning the existing fabric of a place to a known earlier state.

(A) Rejuvunation

(B) Adaptation

(C) Restoration

(D) Reconstruction

Ans: C

22-What is meant by ‘ASLA’ in Landscape Architecture?

(A) All Indian Society of Landscape Architects

(B) American Solution of Landscape Artists

(C) American Society of Landscape Architects

(D) Asian Society of Landscape Art

Ans: C

23-The term ___ describes an array of techniques and procedures used in investigating ground condition, either in response to a defect or new development.

(A) plenum

(B) phototechnics

(C) geotechnics

(D) cototechniques

Ans: C

24-A landscape type characterized by sink holes and vanishing reappearing streams is called

(A) Grading plane

(B) Gardstic

(C) Varstic

(D) Karstic

Ans: D

25-The object of ___ is to strengthen and consolidate decayed masonry which is weakened by fractures and voids.

(A) Pulverising

(B) Punelling

(C) Radiography

(D) Grouting

Ans: D

26-A Geological stratum that stores and transports ground water is called

(A) Plenum

(B) Water Strater

(C) Aquifer

(D) Transifier

Ans: C

27-The letter ‘S’ in UNESCO stands for

(A) sculpture

(B) scientific

(C) society

(D) social

Ans: B

28-A confined view is known as

(A) Scene

(B) Focus

(C) Climax

(D) Vista

Ans: D

29-The concept of Garden city was advocated by

(A) Raymond Stien

(B) Raymond Unwin

(C) Clarience Stien

(D) Radburn

Ans: B

30-___ flows allow for intersections in a loosely rhythmic fashion, with few conflicts and minimum turbulence.

(A) Projectile

(B) Direct

(C) Rhythmic

(D) Dendritic

Ans: D

31-According to Doxiadis, mono centric city developing in one direction is called

(A) Dynapolis

(B) Dynametropolis

(C) Dynapoloiscentric

(D) Monopoly

Ans: A

32-___ implies that elements in a composition belong together and have visual relatedness.

(A) Variety

(B) Rhythm

(C) Balance

(D) Unity

Ans: D

33-The vertical member between two treads is called

(A) Flier

(B) Heighter

(C) Riser

(D) Rise

Ans: C

34-___ is an architectural frame set into a wall, drawing attention to a piece of art.

(A) Arabesque

(B) Aedicule

(C) Barbican

(D) Altar

Ans: B

35-The distance a Lift car can travel little beyond the terminal landing is called as

(A) Runto

(B) Runway

(C) Runfor

(D) Runby

Ans: D

36-One or more of the large cities in a country that holds a relatively high percentage of the total urban population is referred as

(A) Primate City

(B) Hyper City

(C) Cosmo City

(D) Metro City

Ans: A


37- ___ is a device for showing the location of a car in the hoist way.

(A) Slacker

(B) Runby

(C) Indicator

(D) Position Indicator

Ans: D

38-The increase in the overall population that resides in urban areas is referred as

(A) Deconcentration

(B) Urbanisation

(C) Decentralisation

(D) Aggolomeration

Ans: B

39- ___ is placed in ducts to control the direction, velocity and volume of circulating air in ducts.

(A) Lucifiers

(B) Pampers

(C) Dampers

(D) Thord

Ans: C

40-The minimum width of the fire escape stairs shall be

(A) 1.00 m

(B) 1.25 m

(C) 1.5 m

(D) 2.0 m

 Ans:  B

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