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NBOMoney.xyz Paid Advertising Viewing System [Fake Website !] ?

NBOMoney.xyz Paid Advertising Viewing System [Fake Website]

NBOMONEY.xyz is an attracting website to earn money daily 500$ and more. To withdraw money they are asking 40 referrals. But 40 referrals is very hard, they are giving another way for 40 referrals through bitcoin deposit of 9$ to 14$. Below are screenshots of the nbomoney.xyz

NBOMoney.xyz after reaching min withdrawal and Referrals

After reaching minimum withdrawal and 40 referrals they are saying

“Your account is Not Approved.
The approval time is approximately 30-60 days.
You can also pass a quick verification process (305 min.)
And immediately receive money”
Start quick verification (Link to Deposit Bitcoin Account)
This information said one of my friend. So be alert.

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