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The poor students in engineering education 2019-20

The poor students in engineering education 2019-20 

There are more poor people who join BTech than students of all courses in higher education! Official statistics make the same point. More than 80 percent of engineering students are eligible for government teaching tuition, while the rest of the courses range from 60 to 72 percent. Of those who joined BTech under the convener quota, 76 percent in 2017 and 80.58 percent in 2018 were eligible for fee reimbursement. According to sources, this time it has reached 81 percent. In rural areas, the family annual salary is Rs.

The poor students in engineering education 2019-20

Usually, middle and upper-middle-class children are more likely to take courses like BTech. Officials analyze that poor children are more interested in BEED and BPED (exercise education). Strangely, the situation is quite different when considering tuition fees. Teachers are eligible for tuition fees if they are below the poverty line (BPL) than those in other courses.

by. Nagalaxmi Gottemukkula

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