Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2019 Shift 1 & 2 - Download PDF

SSC CGL ANswer Key 2019, SSC CGL Shift 1 Answer Key 2019, Questions Asked in the exam 2019 $th June 2019 SSC CGL Shift 1 & 2 Questions in PDF.

SSC CGL Exam Shift 1 & 2 Answer Key 2019

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has successfully completed the Online Test on 4th June 2019. Candidates who have appeared they all are searching for the answer key. Here I am sharing Questions Asked in the Exam.

Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2019 Shift 1 & 2

SSC CGL Shift 2 Questions - Exam held on 04/06/2019
Who was the first Female Prime Minister of the World? Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Srilanka
Which team was the winner of Ranji Trophy 2017? Vidarbha
Which was the first biosphere reserve of India? Nilgiri Bioreserve
Which Country Hosted the Special Olympics 2019? Abu Dhabi
Buckminsterfullerene is an allotrope of? Carbon
WHo was the first Female president of SAARC? Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed
Uniform civil code comes under which article? Article 44
How many Mahajanpada were there? 16
Which Mahajanpad was given as a dowry? Kashi
Project Tiger was launched in which year:? 1973
Which is the first computer network of the world? ARPANET
Residuary powers of parliament of India has been taken from which of the following?
Canada which gland controls other hormones? Pituitary gland
Chalukya dynasty was founded by? Pulakeshin I
Which Place did Chandragupta I received as a gift?
Which of the following is aldehyde? [Propanol, Propanone, Ptopanal, Propanine]
Which Pass is used to visit Kailash Mansarovar? Nathu La
One Question about Committee
Two Questions on Folk Dances - One about Sikkim

Question Asked in SSC CGL Exam Shift-1 2019 (04/06/2019)

SSC CGL Shift 1 Questions in Exam (Morning Shift)
Who is the chief minister of Goa after Manohar Parrikar death? - Pramod Sawant
Where is the headquarter of the International Cricket Council(ICC)? - Dubai
Which of the following is Capital of Kazakhstan? - Nur-Sultan
Who is the chairman of the Indian Railway? - Vinod Kumar Yadav
Who is the president of South Africa? - Cyril Ramaphosa
Wadiyar dynasty ruled which of the state? - Mysore State (present Karnataka State)
Who is the first woman Chief Justice of India? - M. Fathima Beevi
Which is the largest country based on the land area? - Russia
Which of the following is the new name of train 18? - Vande Bharat Express
Which of the following is the first country that implemented GST? - France
What did JJ Thomson discover? - Electron
What is the chemical formula of dry ice? - CO₂
Who is the founder of Facebook? - Mark Zuckerberg
TISCO established in which year? - 1907
Lady who fought during the mughal period.
Who is the first female Director general of police of Puducherry? - Sundari Nanda
One question on Methylpropane isomer.
Bhima is the tributary of which river? - Krishna River
Who attacked Somnath temple? - Mahmud Ghazni
Which of the following is the full form of IND-INDO CORPAT? - India-Indonesia Coordinated Patrol
Where is the G-20 summit in 2018? - Argentina
CM of Arunachal Pradesh - Pema Khandu
Who is the winner of the Australian Open Men's Single Awards 2019? - Novak Djokovic
Who is the writer of Geet Govind? - Jayadeva
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