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SSC JE Answer Key Paper 2016- Solved Question Paper 31-01-2016 Electrical, Civil Mechanica

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) successfully completed written exam of SSC JE on 31st Jan, 2016. Candidates who appeared in SSC JE Exam they all are waiting for answer key paper 2016/ solved question paper for to get estimate score. Here I am sharing SSC JE Answer Key 2016/ Solved Question paper. SSC JE Electrical Answer Key 2016, SSC JE Mechanical/ Civil Answer Key 2016. Official answer key not yet released, answer key paper will updated soon on its official site.

SSC JE Electrical Answer Key 2016 General Awareness Questions

  • Name of the co-operative society that provides housing loan facility at reasonable rates?
  • Name of the biggest employer in India?
  • Which of the fallowing is an allied activity of Agriculture?
  • Disguised unemployment means?
  • Cartel is a part of?
  • In the presidential system of government, the President is?
  • The Chief Election Commissioner of India is appointed by?
  • The Election Commission of India is?
  • Articles 23 and 24 of the Indian Constitution deal with?
  • Which of the fallowing ideologies aims at the spiritualization of politics?
  • Which Delhi Sultan restored to price control and rationing?
  • The Maratha ruler Shivaji ruled his kingdom with the help of a council of Ministers called?
  • Ms. Florence Nightingale was associated with?
  • Who among the fallowing Gupta emperor was known as “Vikramaditya”?
  • The finely painted cotton fabric made in Golkonda was called?
  • Which is the best type of cotton grown in the world?
  • Which one of the fallowing is first multi-purpose project constructed in India?
  • What is the symbol of (WWF) World Wildlife Fund?
  • Market Gardening comes in this category?
  • A deep or French in the ocean floor is called?
  • The storage from of glucose is?
  • Thigmotropism is the response of the plant to?
  • Root hairs are produced from?
  • Second Ozone hole was detected over?
  • Glycolysis during fermentation results in net gain of?
  • The disadvantage of self-pollination is?
  • By increasing the intensity of incident light on the surface, the photo electric current?
  • The Phenomenon of light splitting into seven distinct colors when it passes through prism is?
  • .com represents?
    SSC JE Answer Key 2016 Solved Question Paper PDF
  •  IKE stands for?
  • When salt is added to water, the boiling point of water is?
  • The gas dissolved in water that makes it acidic is?
  • The hydrogen ion concentration of a solution is measured using a?
  • Non-bonding valence electrons are?
  • When is the World Earth Day celebrated?
  • Which IPL Team won the eighth edition of the Indian Premier League?
  • Nehru Trophy is associated with which sport in India?
  • Aung San Suu Kyi, a prodemocracy campaigner, is from which of the fallowing countries?
  • Usain Bolt is famous as?
  • Which of the fallowing is the morning Raag in Music?
  • When was the first All India Postage Stamp issued?
  • In which country was paper currency first used?
  • The Murder of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife triggered off which of the fallowing events?

SSC JE Answer Key and Question Papers 2016

SSC JE Electrical Question Paper 2016      Answer Key

SSC JE Civil Question Paper 2016              Answer Key

SSC JE Mechanical Question Paper 2016  Answer Key

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