RRB Junior Engineer (JE) Question Papers Questions held on 14th December 2014-2019

RRB Junior Engineer (JE) Question Papers Questions held on 14th December 2014 paper code TSD001314, TSD001414

RRB Junior Engineer (JE) and SE Question Papers Questions  held on 14th December 2014 (TSD001314) (TSD001414)

hi, a friend here I am sharing some questions of RRB JE exam held on 14-12-2014, the answer will be updated please wait some time. 

    RRB JE Question Paper held on 14/12/2014
  • Synapses and Dendrites are associated with? ------- Nerve-cells
  • A tissue that connects muscle to bones in humans is called?--------Tendon
  • The human population of the globe is approximately?---------- 7 billion
  • Hematology is the study related to?---------- Blood
  • Which of the following is not a food borne disease?-------- Influenza
  • Hadrons and Baryons are?-------
  • A pheromone secreted by an animal?------- Influences the behavior of animals  of same species
  • A galvanometer is converted to a voltmeter by? ----------- 
  • A dynamometer is an equipment used to measure?
  • Interferometers are used for measurement of?
  • Sclerometer is used by?
  • The word ‘Brinell” is associated with ?-------- Testing of seasoning of Wood
  • What is carbon footprint?------
  • If circumference of a circle is increased by 10%, the area of the circle will increase by?
  • A cylindrical shaped metal piece is converted into a wire. Out of the following, which parameter can be assumed to remain the same?
  • What is the probability of getting 3 aces if three cards are drawn from a set of 52 playing cards?
  • In coordinate geometry, distance of the point (-4, 3) from origin is?
  • A Fuse should be connected in _______ in the __________ conductor?
  • Equipment earthing gives protection against?
  • The term PCB stands for?------- Printed Card Board
  • Color bands for 1.5 ohms resistor will be?
  • A frequency tuning electronic circuit would consist of?
  • Main element of a filter circuit that reduces the A.C component of the  output is ?
  • For stabilizing the gain of an amplifier?
  • A stereophonic system requires?
  • Hirakud Dam has been built on the river?------------- Mahanadi
  • Who received the first Nobel Prize in Physics in India?------- Dr. Haragobind Khurana
  • Which of the fallowing books was banned by all Muslim countries and India?------Satanic Verses
  • IGMDP, in India context, is a?-------------
  • Who is the Secretary General of United Nations?--------- Ban Ki- Moon
  • With reference to water pollution, BOD means?------------ Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  • Approx. Percentage of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere is?-----------21%
  • In the context of genetics, DNA stands for? ------------- Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
  • In the context of Information Technology, OCR means? -------- Optical Character Recognition
  • ASCII Coding allocated binary codes to English alphabets and symbols for computer use .More recently a new standard has been adopted which allocates code to almost all the languages of the world and also to symbols covering more than a lakh characters. The new standard is called------------Unicode
  • For using passwords on the internet a software is used so that the password is not intercepted easily .it is called--------Encryption
  • Find the median of the following numbers-14,23,20,12,11,15,24,17,9,21,25---------17
  •  A man sells his two cars at the same price. in one car he makes a profit of 10%. in other car he loses 10% over the cost price. His total gain or loss present is --------1%loss  
  • A student was asked to multiply a number by 12. By mistake he multiplied  the number by 21 and got the answers 63 more than the correct answer .What is the correct answer? ----------7
  • Coefficient of performance of a commercially used refrigerator would be close to? ---------- 
  • In a thermodynamic system, thermal equilibrium is achieved when two bodies reach?
  • In a mcylinder diesel engine, the cylinders are fired in a particular sequence?
  • Whatis the floating point with reference to computers?
  • Which of the fallowing are machine level languages?
  • Which of the fallowing does not sublimate?---------ice
  • Which of the fallowing is a heterogeneous mixture?--------air
  • Thermo chemical decomposition of organic materials at high temperatures, in the absence of oxygen is called?
  • Acid rain is caused by presence of which of the fallowing gases in the atmosphere?---sulfer dioxide and nitrogen oxide
  • One of the main reason for depletion of ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere is ?----cfc and halons
  • What is the value of total hardness acceptable in potable water as per Indian Standards?
  • Preventing rain water to run-off and its accumulation and deposition for re-use on site is called?
  • The terms ALU, CPU, I/O devices pertain to?
  • In a computing device MHz is the mentioned in the specifications, It refers to?
  • A transformers core is made of laminations?
  • The earth conductor provides a path to ground for?
  • Ashoka in the 13th year of his coronation, appointed a special type of officer who surveyed the land, kept land records and  carried out justice. These officers were called?--------- Rajukas
  • Who built the Jagannatha temple of Puri?---------- Anantavarama Chodaganga
  • The term Republic used in the preamble of the Constitution of India implies?---------- 
  • an individual who is not a member of either house of the parliament can be appointed as a member of the council of Ministers, but he has to become the member of the either house in?-------- 6 Months
  • The Hindustan Shipyard Limited is located at?------------ Cochin
  • In India, what is the minimum permissible age for employment in a factory?.............18 Years
  • Lunar Eclipse occurs only on a? ........... First quarter day
  • Mirages generally occur in?-------Deserts
  • Which state is known for its sandalwood carvings?------------ Karnataka
  • A bond in a brick work when headers and stretchers are placed in alternate layers in called? ------------- Flemish Bond
  • The choke of a tube light works on the principle of?------------
  • In machine drawing, a sectional view cut portion is shown by?
  • Which of the fallowing is not an I/O device of the computer?
  • Excess silica in cement?
  • The outer protective layer of a tree is?
  • Which lime is most suitable for white washing?--------------- Quick Lime
  • Section 66 A has been in media controversy recently. The section pertains to?------------ Communal Harmony
  • IPC Stands for?------- Indian Penal Code
  • Who among the fallowing can accept the deposits of money from the public, as a business in financial transactions? ----------- Firms
  • NEFT and RTGS are the means for?------------ Implementing GST
  • In Sept. 2014 ISRO achieved success in which project------- Mars Orbiters successfully entered mars orbit
  • SAARC countries are from which part of the world? ------------- South Asia
  • A theodolite is used for measuring?---------------- 
  • Brass is an alloy of?-------------- Copper and Zinc
  • A pigment generally used to impart white color in a paint is?..........Zinc
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