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SSC Chsl Evening/ Afternoon Answer key 854 LK5, 129 TN 7, 312 RH 4, 743 MP 6, 9th Nov 2014

SSC Chsl Evening/ Afternoon Answer key 854 LK5, 129 TN 7, 312 RH 4, 743 MP 6, 9th Nov 2014 Question Paper

Staff Selection Commissioin has recently cunducted the written exam on 09/11/2014. Here i am giving
SSc Evening Shift Answer Key 2014question of Evening Shift answer keys of 854 LK5, 129 TN 7, 312 RH 4, 743 MP 6, below are the details of Answer key paper all series answer key paper.

General Awareness Questions:

  • Which among the fallowing States. First introduced the Panchayat Raj System?
  • Which was the backbone of Indus Economy?
  • Which Mughal Wmperor transferred the Mughal Capital from Agra to Delhi?
  • Who said” A living things is born” after the League of Nation’s Covenant was drafted?
  • The author of ‘Arthashatra’ was a contemporary of?
  • The Taj Mahal was built by?
  • The Election Commission is established under the article?
  • In the year 1977, an official committee was appointed to examine Panchayat Raj under the Chairmanship of?
  • How many countries are the members of U.N General Assembly?
  • Which one of the fallowing continents   lies in Northern, Southern and Eastern, western hemispheres of to the earth?
  • Which committee/ Commission examined the Center and State relationship?
  • Which one of the fallowing is not a photosynthetic pigment?
  • National Fruit of India is?
  • Which is the fallowing is a fibrous protein?
  • Typhoid fever is caused by?
  • The International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature was established in?
  • Which one of the fallowing is the world’s largest desert?
  • The percentage of India’s total population employed in agriculture is nearly?
  • The temperature increases rapidly above?
  • 1 Micron is equal to?
  • A wavelength of 0.3 m is produced in air and it travels at a speed of 300m/s. then it wii be an?
  • The time between program input and output is called?
  • The Indian National Grid Computing Initiative for Scientific Engineering and Academic Community is named?
  • Sodium Carbonate is commonly known as?
  • Carolus Linnaeus System of classification is?
  • Concentration of a material which is lethal to 50 percentage animal is called as?
  • Neap tides are?
  • Sahara is located in which part of Africa?
  • The Ocean with the largest surface area is?
  • About how many Indians cannot meet their essential needs as per a report by McKinsey Global Institute released on 19th Feb 2014?
  • When a bond is formed between two atoms, the energy of the system will ?
  • Water has maximum density at?
  • Who is the founder of Jainism in India?
  • Who compiled the tales of “ The Panchatantra”?
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for 2012, 13 was awarded to?
  • Human Rights Day is observed on?
  • Ajanta Caves were built during period of?
  • Who was the painter of the famous painting called ‘Bharatmata’?
  • Who Discovered Cape of God Hope in 1488?
  • Telephone was invented by?
  • Which was the first country to host the Asian Games?
  • The ‘Slack Season’ in the Indian Economy is?
  • The Relationship between the rate of interest and level of consumption was first visualized?
  • Which one of the Constitutional amendment has established Panchayati Raj Institution?
  • ‘Take off stage’ in an economy means?
  • Taxes are as certain as the death, because?
  • Which is NOT a measure undertaken by government to check inflation?
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